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27 June 2006 @ 05:04 pm
I have this terrible gnawing feeling that I owe everybody a livejournal update about my life. Not that my life is very eventful at all. This will be in bullets to make it easier for your reading pleasure

+ Graduation- that was fun, not really, but I'm done with high school. I almost tripped walking across the stage. Mr. Jones laughed at me. But it wasn't my fault. The stupid sleeves are about the size of a giraffe and I got caught on the handrail.
+ Grad party- that was fun. Lots of presents, now I'm buying stuff for school, YAY! This also includes the grad party season. I am so sick of grad parties I don't want to go to anymore. I never thought it would be so exhausting to eat food and socialize.
+ My birthday- I turned 18! Realized I have might want to try being adultlike then I was like, noo, being a kid is too much fun.
+ Cedar Point- I had my very first trip to cedar point. It was fun. I went on one roller coaster and thought I was gonna die or throw up. Whichever came first (just like that scene in how the grinch stole christmas). The trip was fun until it started storming. And I really mean storming, rain, hail, thunder, lightning, and flooding. Good times. My friend and I decided during the downpour of rain/hail that we really needed to go to the bathroom but we couldn't use the bus bathroom because that's disgusting. So we went in search of a bathroom and got soaking wet. Changed on the bus...party. then enjoyed the topless males in the next bus over! haha.
+ I'm soo excited for school. I really just want to rush through summer and start at msu. At least move in I don't really need classes yet.
+ Orientation is thursday/friday and I'm actually excited for it
+ going up north! we are going for 4th of july. We haven't been up there for 4th of july in so long. Mainly because there are about 12-15 people staying in a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 tv house. It can get cramped, smelly, and ridiculous. I just wish we were going under different circumstances. My mom wants us to spend more time with my grandfather because he is not expected to live out the year. Which is really sad, I don't like thinking about that.
+ I'm chopping my hair off...as of last night. This will occur in early August to give me an inch or so more. I'm actually really excited. because the long hair is starting to drive me crazy. Of course I'll be sick of the short hair in a week but whatev
+ Going to the pocconos for a week. That should be interesting. Hopefully better then Utah, which was not so exciting because rocks really don't move and are not cute to look at.

This should last me till I move in to school... I am crazy lazy!
09 June 2006 @ 12:50 pm
I cleaned our bathroom today and I told my mom was going to mop and she asks me "Do you know how to use a mop?"

hahaha, I thought it was a silly question. Seriously, what kind of idiot can't operate a mop?

I love mi madre, she is funny.
30 May 2006 @ 09:29 pm
I think I found my new favorite snack EVER!! Edy's Dibs. They are the perfect ice cream snack for lazy people like me!!! haha, it was like popcorn only cold. I just thought everyone should know about my new ice cream snack....because I need another reason to eat ice cream
25 May 2006 @ 05:33 pm
Prom pictures are up on facebook


I shop too much. I think it may become a problem in the near future...
24 May 2006 @ 01:24 pm
Done with high school! I don't particularly feel any different. I guess I have always been ready to move on with my life and, ultimately, to start college.

I'm not worried about losing friendships because I know that the people I am friends with now and want to continue being friends with I will.

I'm REALLY excited for prom. I leave in an hour to get my hair done!!

As of this instant I am on summer vacation :)

I took doggy for a walk, then I sat outside and worked on the tan ;)

Who wants to go to the park and have a picnic?? I really want to go to the park because we all know I am incapable of growing up.

Prom is soon, yay!

I'm out...call the cell
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12 May 2006 @ 10:14 pm
I'm going to Chicago tomorrow! Yaya! I'm soo excited. I have lots of stuff I have to buy and we all know I love to go shopping!

Just so ya know...I'm on my new laptop. It's soo pretty and fun and I don't have to sit in the freezing basement. I love it <3

Wendy and I suck at the phone game. I came home from synagogue to find a missed call from Wendy. So I call her back. Then she calls me back but I was in the bathroom cleaning the spilled face cleaner in the bathtub. I hear my phone ringing but I don't catch it fast enough. So I call back literally one second later and guess who doesn't answer! none other then Wendy. Seriously, one second later.

Two weeks of school left!! YAY! So excited for next year and soo ready to be done with school.

I will be 18 in one month from sunday. Mark it in your calenders.

Grad party is on the 11th. Happy Sammi.

Although I do have some not so happy news that made my week a real downer. My great Uncled passed away on Saturday afternoon, so I didn't go to school on monday because of the funeral. Then, that afternoon we found out that my grandfather's cancer is back and has spreaded so it isn't looking good.

But, on a happier note I can register to vote for the governor elections next month. How strange is that? This is what I told mommy "I guess I have to start acting...adult." hahaha.

I think I'm all packed for Chicago and if I'm not I'll find out when I get there.

Guess that's all from the world of Sammi...

Wait, I lied. Prom is soon! I'm so excited. Especially for our crazy awesome limo (white jag, how sweet is that).

I can't wait to spend all my money. This new AIM is really confusing me, I don't totally approve yet.

Oh well, later alligators.

If you really need/want to contact me the cell phone will be with me all weekend. You can help me decide what to buy :)
27 April 2006 @ 11:06 pm
Once upon a time there was a girl named Sammi. Sammi recently lost her wisdom and this is a tale that will prove that her wisdom has been lost forever.

(now I will go into first person because this is boring in third person)

So I was babysitting after school and the girl, Ilana, wanted to go outside. So we are outside playing and she brings out the cordless phone to make sure she gets all the calls and what not. So I decide that the only safe place for the phone is on my car so it won't get trampled or anything. But more specifically I placed it in that little trench where the window wipers are. While we are outside I remind myself to make sure I take the phone out before I go home. The mother comes home and I thought Ilana took the phone (I'm fairly certain of this too). I head home and when I come to 12 and Farmington I get a call on my cell phone. "Sammi, I was wondering if you gave me the phone back?" I'm thinking "Uhh, I thought you had it." and so I look at the spot and voila a cordless telephone. I pull over and take the phone off and stick it in my glove box. Now my question: What were people thinking when they saw my car? "Does this idiot know she has a telephone in her windshield?"

How stupid do I feel?

REALLY stupid
16 April 2006 @ 01:43 pm
Break is going well so far. Passover is just going. I wish I could eat food, AHH! Oh well, I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow (yikes) and I got my belly button pierced on friday. That was fun, except for the part where I almost passed out. But all is well now.

Went to the movies with Tim last night. We saw Lucky Number Slevin. It was really good. Plus Josh Hartnett is gorgeous. After the movie I saw Ashley and Amy at the movie theatre.

Not too much more to say. yesterday was soo beautiful. I sat outside in the sun reading it was so wonderful.

I think that's all. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their break, I'll be at home not eating anything because of passover and not having any teeth. hahaha. Later alligators!

09 April 2006 @ 01:00 am
I wish I knew where my camera is. I'm also really crabby right now. I could sleep but I need to find my camera. UGGGHH!!

I think that is all for my not-so-happyness. I'm gonna go on a search for my camera.
02 April 2006 @ 06:11 pm
I'm back from regional convention, not that anyone really knew I was gone anyway. But it was amazing. I can't believe I'm done with USY now. In the last few years it has become such a huge part of my life. I love it. And the really cute boys. Speaking of that here is my latest story. So I'm chilling in my room and I decide to take a shower. So I'm taking a shower and thinking "I don't feel like dealing with towels and I was just gonna throw on my bra and panties" so this is the plan, then I hear a knock at the door. Only it was on the door for the room AND it was the most gorgous boy in all of CRUSY, the president (I'll post photos later and you can see for yourself!) So I say to myself "Hmm, that sounds like males." so I decide instead of walking out with bra and panties that I'll just wrap up in the towel like a normal person. Then when I come out the boys leave. I thought it was funny.

Last night was ridiculous, I had a half hour of sleep and then one hour on the bus. Yikes! But I took a nap before the big party. Jewish people are silly, but I love them.

Soooo excited for state next year! Becca (our USY advisor) and I will be hitting all the parties of course. Haha. My mom is trying to find me a roommate, which is a girl I used to be friends with way back in preschool or something ridiculous like that. My mom is silly, but I love her.

Things to look forward to:
-matzah ball, April 8th. If you're jewish ask me for details because you better go!
-getting my wisdom teeth out...not so much, but I get pain medicine (I swear I'm not a drug addict)
-getting my naval pierced :) SOOOO excited for that
-PASSOVER (why am I so jewish??)

I probably won't update until after spring break because I'm a loser like that.



+You know you've been at a shabbaton too long when the only songs that are stuck in your head are hebrew songs! I can't even remember the last english song that was in my head
+Water is made out of carbon???? Wait a minute... results of conversations after a crazy long busride and zero sleep!

That's all!
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