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30 April 2007 @ 05:26 pm
blahhhh i hate finals. the end. hahah well not really. so i've apparently developed this lovely habit of going into panic attacks during my exams. which is making me really nervous for this bio exam i have tomorrow. i was studying and started going into this mini attack thing. not so much fun. and now my eye is really irritated and i don't know why. blech.

my allergies have been sooo bad lately. yuck. i'm pretty excited for summer. i'm going to israel for 13 days ish. i leave on may 9th which means i have like zero time between school is out and when i leave for israel.

saturday was fun. studied at barnes and nobles. then i saw a squirrel cross in a crosswalk. it's too bad the walk man wasn't up that would have been even funnier. barnes and nobles is a pretty cool spot to study. the first time haley, amanda, and i went it was hilarious. these guys who were looking in the section behind us started talking very loudly so of course we listened in. One guy said "hey, weren't you looking for the dungeons and dragons book?" haha, it was funny. maybe you had to be there. then as a break we started reading sex books and this guy came and sat down in the open comfy chair by us. that was funny because he was just laughing and listening to us.

blaahh. i need to study but i honestly don't think i can. which is awful. i wish i could call my mom but she's somewhere in the carribean. soo there is a really good chance i could be on some weird anxiety pills by the end of the summer. blech.

i can't believe i'm moving back home soon. minus these panic attacks that i've been getting i've loved state. it's sooo much fun.

ohhh about saturday night. i went to the bar to hear my roommate sing. she sings with an 80s cover band. it was sooo much fun. it was such a good way to just unwind from all of finals. although i don't think guys are allowed to bump and grind with you when listening to 80s music. it's sooo not cool. just relax and dance like a fool, it's more fun.

writing this helped a lot to channel my stress. although i still don't want to study for bio maybe i'll look through some stuff. all i want to do is get through this exam tomorrow, I don't even care that much about how well i do. i mean i'd like to think i'll do wondefully but i'm not really sure about that. I tried to figure out my grade in this class and I think I need a 75 on the final to get a two point in the class. i don't know how I got into this situation.

gross I smell like icyhot. i slept funny on my neck yesterday and i haven't had full movement of my head since then. it's gross. i should go eat something but i don't relaly want to. what happened to the pretty weather. this morning it was soo nice out and now it looks like it is gonna rain.

i need to get a job this summer. i have an interview on wednseday to be a counselor at the jcc summer camp hopefully i'll get that.

i'm obsessed with dane cook. he his hilarious. haley, amanda, and i quote constantly. there is almost no reason for us to have a real ocnversation because everything is a quote. i think it's funny. i'm soo excited for next year. okay i need to go, hope this was informative for everyone. good luck on finals if you still have some

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Sarahclichemonet on May 1st, 2007 02:12 am (UTC)
sammi, i'm so glad i got to see you on friday. you're such a sweetheart and i cherish our friendship. :) we should TOTALLY have a weekly dinner/movie or something next year, and i hope we get to hang out during the summer. we could go to the mall and buy shoes!! haha ♥ & i love dane cook!!
goofiegal73goofiegal73 on May 1st, 2007 03:25 am (UTC)
dane cook is too funny. it pains me. if you'd like to join in the ridiculous quotage of him please do.

p.s. i have to see you sometime this summer if only to return your book, but hopefully for other reasons too.