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26 October 2006 @ 01:14 am
Guess who is up right now?? Me!! hahaha, no way right? Gahh! I'm soo excited i don't have my morning class tomorrow, even though i really like it. Actually, I really like most of my classes it's just a couple of my prof's who i don't really care for. Schoool is good. lots of fun. I went to chicago last weekend which was uber amounts of fun. I really needed it too because I was really making myself sick worrying about my chem exam last week. Which I did pretty well on. I mean I got a 65 and for the amount I studied it doesn't seem right but the class average was around a 50 so I feel good. Chem class is boring, my prof is not the smartest. but i make friends and it is kinda fun. although she let us out early today on account of her stupidity.

halloween this weekend. it should be a lot of fun, i'm really excited. I don't really have a set costume but I'll throw together some clothes and hope to god it's not freezing this weekend.

hmmm, do i have anything else to say.

my mom sent me a box of halloween cookies and they were yummy. I bought a jar of salsa and I already ate half of it today. but that's okay because I'm making up for my not eating enough for the past two weeks.

We need more movies. Jen and I watch a lot of movies and then we cry during most of them which is silly.

Ewww so i went to the stupid health center to find out what was wrong with my tummy but the doctor just thought i had an eating disorder and told me to go see a dietician and a counselor. but I said no way that's not what is wrong with me.

is there anything else to say?? I dunno. my room got really messy like we had 7 bags of garbage. so i cleaned up and the room looks pretty.

i hate doors. really. so here is the story. i went to the cafeteria for dinner and I pick up my tray and my silverware and i give my ID to the scanner lady and i'm walking into the cafe and I go SMACK right into the door. What a sammi moment.

I really miss my dog. like a lot. going home in 3 weeks because of the usy kinnus going on at the synagogue. then home again for turkey day! i love turkey.

I love this movie. I'm watching how to lose a guy in 10 days. it's sooo funny. hmmm i should probably get going to bed kinda soon. but it doesn't matter because i get to SLEEP in! aahhh i'm so excited. And i have actually been sleeping in none of that 7 AM crap like back at home.

This has been a whole boatload of nonsense, but what else is new. not much. Okay, i think I confused you enough for the time being.

The Girl You Never Knew_littlestranger on October 27th, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
Maybe it is like malnutrition. Not an eating disorder, cuz you're clearly not anorexic, but you definitly could just be eating not right. Or maybe you have a food allergy you don't know about and it's making your tummy hurt.
goofiegal73goofiegal73 on October 27th, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)
i was thinking something like that but now I'm fine so I think it was just stress