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03 October 2008 @ 02:30 pm
eeek i haven't updated here in soo long. I decided to come back though, like five seconds ago while i was trying to take a nap.

my life is slowly falling into place. which is fantastic. college of ed is so wonderful and i love it. i got a job at a child development center, which is pretty much perfect for me. except i don't have a permanent shift there yet. but that will come in time and for now i'm enjoying subbing and just showing up whenever. I absolutely love the school I'm at for service learning. I love going there and just be able to hang out with kids and see their reactions when they get an answer right. I also really love the look of wonder that they give me when I correct them about something. These kids are fantastic. I love it and pretty much everything about being in a classroom.

The one thing I just can't seem to get into place is, as lame and corny as this sounds, a romantic life of some sort. I can get the attention of any creeper on campus but I can't seem to get the attention of the guys I actually like. I keep telling myself that something will come along soon. I'm just starting to get a little impatient. Especially since I can tell that my parents are kind of like "why aren't you dating a nice jewish boy yet?" well...it's mainly my mother. I'm pretty sure my father is happier that I'm not seeing anybody. Especially since the guy I am interested in isn't jewish. Oh well. Today is beautiful out and I don't plan on having this one little thing take the smile off my face.

I really hope I get to do this study abroad...speaking of which I really should do that application. The trip is to Ghana. I'm super pumped to even consider going to Africa. I've always wanted to go on an African safari of sorts but basically just being in africa seems like a great way to experience life and I don't know, something else.

I'm frustrated by trying to figure out housing for next year. I feel like I'm the only one doing any work in looking for a house or apartment or something. It's confusing. I have no idea what I'm doing!!! Or where to start really. But I do have a few numbers to call.

They turned the heat on in my room and now it's crazy hot in here.
30 April 2007 @ 05:26 pm
blahhhh i hate finals. the end. hahah well not really. so i've apparently developed this lovely habit of going into panic attacks during my exams. which is making me really nervous for this bio exam i have tomorrow. i was studying and started going into this mini attack thing. not so much fun. and now my eye is really irritated and i don't know why. blech.

my allergies have been sooo bad lately. yuck. i'm pretty excited for summer. i'm going to israel for 13 days ish. i leave on may 9th which means i have like zero time between school is out and when i leave for israel.

saturday was fun. studied at barnes and nobles. then i saw a squirrel cross in a crosswalk. it's too bad the walk man wasn't up that would have been even funnier. barnes and nobles is a pretty cool spot to study. the first time haley, amanda, and i went it was hilarious. these guys who were looking in the section behind us started talking very loudly so of course we listened in. One guy said "hey, weren't you looking for the dungeons and dragons book?" haha, it was funny. maybe you had to be there. then as a break we started reading sex books and this guy came and sat down in the open comfy chair by us. that was funny because he was just laughing and listening to us.

blaahh. i need to study but i honestly don't think i can. which is awful. i wish i could call my mom but she's somewhere in the carribean. soo there is a really good chance i could be on some weird anxiety pills by the end of the summer. blech.

i can't believe i'm moving back home soon. minus these panic attacks that i've been getting i've loved state. it's sooo much fun.

ohhh about saturday night. i went to the bar to hear my roommate sing. she sings with an 80s cover band. it was sooo much fun. it was such a good way to just unwind from all of finals. although i don't think guys are allowed to bump and grind with you when listening to 80s music. it's sooo not cool. just relax and dance like a fool, it's more fun.

writing this helped a lot to channel my stress. although i still don't want to study for bio maybe i'll look through some stuff. all i want to do is get through this exam tomorrow, I don't even care that much about how well i do. i mean i'd like to think i'll do wondefully but i'm not really sure about that. I tried to figure out my grade in this class and I think I need a 75 on the final to get a two point in the class. i don't know how I got into this situation.

gross I smell like icyhot. i slept funny on my neck yesterday and i haven't had full movement of my head since then. it's gross. i should go eat something but i don't relaly want to. what happened to the pretty weather. this morning it was soo nice out and now it looks like it is gonna rain.

i need to get a job this summer. i have an interview on wednseday to be a counselor at the jcc summer camp hopefully i'll get that.

i'm obsessed with dane cook. he his hilarious. haley, amanda, and i quote constantly. there is almost no reason for us to have a real ocnversation because everything is a quote. i think it's funny. i'm soo excited for next year. okay i need to go, hope this was informative for everyone. good luck on finals if you still have some

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10 March 2007 @ 12:49 am
I got beaten up....by my counter made of stone.

yes it's true.

ummm...basically I'm not ready to sleep yet that and I really don't want to go through with the whole "get ready for bed deal" because it takes forever. Break has been pretty good. Started out rough.

Here's the deal, yo. hahah sorry had to do it. I was supposed to drive down to florida with my gang. Yes, my gang. But I get a call from my dad on tuesday telling me that my grandpa is in the hospital and that I basically need to get home ASAP. Soo wednesday I take my exam and go home. Thursday I go back to state for my last exam and almost die on the freeway. Then I get a phone call from my mom to tell me that my granda had passed away. I don't like the phrase "passed away" by the way, but "died" seems soooo harsh. So basically my break started out with a funeral, then shiva and lots and lots of family time. Which isn't bad. I had made the decision that I was going to stay home for break instead of flying down later to meet up with the girls. So after that rough start to break it has gone pretty well. Lots of down time. I'm going to Ann Arbor tomorrow which should be fun. I love the sounds of keyboards. I know that was totally random but still, I do.

Blaahh, I really don't have much to say other than I bought the coolest toy duck ever. It's a puppet and it quacks songs. hahahaah, it's soooooo cool.

I had something else to mention but I forgot what it was. but in other news I saw the movie 300 tonight. It was cool, lots of blood and stuff.

Ohh i remember now, I wanted to tell everyone about my terrible craving for guacamole. I can't seem to tame this craving. At lunch on thursday I was like "I NEED guacamole." and I got some but I still need more. Ahhhhh guacamole. guacamole. guacamole. fun to type, really fun to say outloud.

i'm sooo done this is just nonsense over and over and over again.

hope you had fun reading this.

02 February 2007 @ 04:40 pm
waiting for the bus today in the snow made me feel like I was in a snow globe. And that made me feel really happy. too bad it was freezing out. and it was pretty much ruined when a snowflake went up my nose which made me die a little bit.

hmmm...school is boring. Classes are just silly.. Actually i have to do a lot of psych reading and some bio. yay for two tests next week. this should be fabulous.

I'm super excited for spring break because i'm going to panama city with haley and alicia. it is going to be soo much fun.

Harry Potter book numero 7 is going to be released on July 21. I'm soo excited, I already preordered it. haha I'm such a loser.

I need to wash dishes real bad. And find a job, because I spend too much money and I have absolutely no income right now.

Basketball game on Saturday. That'll be a lot of fun since we are playing OSU and we better win.

I participated in a psych experiment today and that was just silly. It was a mood assessment and memory thing. Which is silly because my mood doesn't change much and my memory isn't too good. I forget a lot of stuff.

I don't know if there is anything, I'm sure everyone has been missing my super random updates.

Early spring this year according to Punxsutawney Phil. You best be right phil or the will be a groundhog murder.

not that I would murder a groundhog. Speaking of groundhogs we have ducks living outside of brody and one is broken and I really hope she survives the winter. I think some one called animal services or something. I tried to steal bread from the cafe but someone yelled at me. which is sad because I steal a lot of stuff from the cafe.

Which brings me to my week. On monday I kind of drugged up on migraine meds because my trash bags are scented and the smell gives me a migraine so i took my migraine meds and i was a really going on all the caffeine in the pill. I had to force myself to go to sleep at 1.45 because I had to wake up for an 8 am class. then tuesday night haley and i decided to go out to beer pong tuesday. which was fun until the cops came.

super excited for ann arbor next weekend. I think I'm hibernating with my psych book this weekend. It's gonna be super cold. And I dont' want that.

so did you survive this post? because I totally understand if you didn't.

That's all because i need to eat something, take a shower, or read. I'll probably read first because I like this book I got from the library.

later alligators
13 December 2006 @ 05:58 pm
I am soooo happy right now. I just found out I got a 3.5 in Chem!! I ended up getting 200/250 on the exam which is amazing because I studied like you wouldn't believe. Then I have a 4.0 in my WRA class which is just a basic writing class. And a 3.5 in my lab and I have my hebrew final tomorrow morning. gross. but it should be fine. and I need to find out my math score. AHH! I'm soo excited. Home tomorrow for break=yay!!

I love stealing stuff from the caf. hahaha. today haley and i stole a pointsetta it was soo funny. okay, i need to study hebrew although my brain doesn't want to learn anything.

AHH I'm SOOO HAPPY!!! hahahaha bet you couldn't tell from this post. more to come later, finals are a bitch that's all.

21 November 2006 @ 12:40 am
I am sooo relieved right now. I just finished my research paper. which was a pain because it was a group project, so ich. but it's over with now. I really hope everyone remembers their part of the paper or i'll kill them...no joke, I will.

And the chem exam is over yay!! I think I did decently on it but that good feeling could be gone tomorrow. Ewww I had the most disgusting snot bubble during the exam...not that you needed to know that. but it was gross.

going home tomorrow! hopefully seeing happy feet. I'm soo excited. Then sushi with linds and zak! that'll be super! I need asian food like you wouldn't believe right now.

Eww I keep staring at this huge pile of papers to turn in for tomorrow and i get soo happy knowing I'm done.

So I've been sick for the past 4 weeksish.. it hasn't been fun. Everytime I go outside I come back with a new cold. I think I need a bubble...or be wrapped in bubble wrap. either one. bubble wrap would be preferred since it's a lot of fun.

I look like rudolph....I'm thinking it's not a good look.

is there anything else to add??? Uhhh dunno... not really tired but I don't want to read the article that I'm supposed to write questions about for wra class...that can be done after me oral exam/quiz thing tomorrow. Which I haven't studied for, go me! I'm not too worried.

Please let me stop dying, no more coughing allowed.

I'm kinda hungry, but I want REAL food. Not nasty dorm stuff or easymac crap. no, i need the real deal.

That's all for now, check back later for more updates. I should probably sleep.

Funny story: Sunday was a nightmare. So I was trying to revise my paper saturday night (I know I'm lame and don't go out leave me alone i've been sick) but i gave up and watched she's the man instead. so I woke up at 9 on sunday to finish my paper and then went to the library for a group meeting at 11. that got out at 12.30 ish. so I thought i would come back and nap, but no. I couldn't sleep. gross. so I was awake from 9AM-1AM on sunday. I was about to go to bed at about 12ish but I got a 2nd wind so I stayed up and studied a little. Then i pretty much passed out at about 1.15ish. Then I woke up at 8 AM this morning for class and my body said "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" just like that, only in slow motion and maybe an accent.

ok seriously that's all i have to brush the biteys...that's what my mom tells the dog when she brushes his teeth.

one more thing to add.... I dropped my tray at dinner. all of it. I made a mess. g'night.
06 November 2006 @ 09:19 pm
Please leave me music suggestions ASAP.

thank you much

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26 October 2006 @ 01:14 am
Guess who is up right now?? Me!! hahaha, no way right? Gahh! I'm soo excited i don't have my morning class tomorrow, even though i really like it. Actually, I really like most of my classes it's just a couple of my prof's who i don't really care for. Schoool is good. lots of fun. I went to chicago last weekend which was uber amounts of fun. I really needed it too because I was really making myself sick worrying about my chem exam last week. Which I did pretty well on. I mean I got a 65 and for the amount I studied it doesn't seem right but the class average was around a 50 so I feel good. Chem class is boring, my prof is not the smartest. but i make friends and it is kinda fun. although she let us out early today on account of her stupidity.

halloween this weekend. it should be a lot of fun, i'm really excited. I don't really have a set costume but I'll throw together some clothes and hope to god it's not freezing this weekend.

hmmm, do i have anything else to say.

my mom sent me a box of halloween cookies and they were yummy. I bought a jar of salsa and I already ate half of it today. but that's okay because I'm making up for my not eating enough for the past two weeks.

We need more movies. Jen and I watch a lot of movies and then we cry during most of them which is silly.

Ewww so i went to the stupid health center to find out what was wrong with my tummy but the doctor just thought i had an eating disorder and told me to go see a dietician and a counselor. but I said no way that's not what is wrong with me.

is there anything else to say?? I dunno. my room got really messy like we had 7 bags of garbage. so i cleaned up and the room looks pretty.

i hate doors. really. so here is the story. i went to the cafeteria for dinner and I pick up my tray and my silverware and i give my ID to the scanner lady and i'm walking into the cafe and I go SMACK right into the door. What a sammi moment.

I really miss my dog. like a lot. going home in 3 weeks because of the usy kinnus going on at the synagogue. then home again for turkey day! i love turkey.

I love this movie. I'm watching how to lose a guy in 10 days. it's sooo funny. hmmm i should probably get going to bed kinda soon. but it doesn't matter because i get to SLEEP in! aahhh i'm so excited. And i have actually been sleeping in none of that 7 AM crap like back at home.

This has been a whole boatload of nonsense, but what else is new. not much. Okay, i think I confused you enough for the time being.

01 October 2006 @ 05:10 pm
college is amazing! i love it so much. having a bit of trouble finding a group of friends I feel uber comfortable with. but i think everyone goes through that. i've been home for the past couple weekends which is nice, but i want to stay at school for a bit. went out thursday night with the alley cats (aka the girls in the alley). we all had a rough week so we went out. it was fun. i had two mixed drinks because i can't drink beer (it doesn't agree with my belly). granted my drinks were very weak but i got a little drunk. not crazy drunk a little more tipsy then anything. it was fun. for the record i really don't act any different. haha, i ended up giving grammar help, seriously, who does that. apparently me.

hmm.. dinner is soon and we are going to services. just felt like updating this thing.

p.s. i run into north kids EVERYWHERE

good/bad that's for me to know.

ohhh i went shopping at h&m today, first of all i love that store, second: i bought the prettiest bras EVER. i think everyone needs to go buy a bra from there. not super expensive either only like 12 dollars. i really just want to parade around in my new bras right now. hahah when i'm back at school i will.
30 August 2006 @ 03:49 pm
I can't believe I've been here a week already. I feel so comfortable with getting around (haha, only to cerain areas). Class is going really well, even though I've only met twice for most classes. I only have one really large class which is nice because it makes me feel a little more comfortable. I haven't had lab or recitation yet because those start after labor day. and since there are no monday classes (which is when I have lab) i won't have to go to chem lab till the 11th! I've been running into NF kids EVERYWHERE!! Welcome Week was crazy! I was kinda sick through most of it. which was really annoying because I had no idea what was going on. At first it was hypoglycemic reactions and then it turned into some sort of tummy acid problem. Mom solved the problem though, because she brought me acid controller pills which have been helping. The first night I went out with Jen and her friend Mike. FYI Jen is my roommate. We got crazy lost trying to get to a Frat house. Then I couldn't go out any other night except for Saturday. But it was lots of fun!

Roomie and I are getting along really well. I'm really happy with how things are working out right now. My only problem with the dorm right now is, well the food is kinda gross but whatev, the girls on the floor are kinda antisocial. It doesn't help that I live in an alley. There is the main hallway and then there is the alley. I know the girl across from us. So that's good. I've met lots of cool peoples. Mainly on the bus. You meet very strange people on the bus.

What else is there?? Hmm.. I have class in two hours and really need to get some laundry done but I know jen has to do some too and there is no way I have a full load. But I did find the laundry room which helps.

I go home on friday! then we are off to Chicago saturday for my cousin's wedding!! I'm so excited for that. Maybe I can even get some shopping done.

Jen and I are gonna get lofts eventually. then we are going to make the room look way cool with her massive futon. and I really want a little table to eat at or do HW at. Just like a little coffee table or something. PS my room is HUGE!!

oh my god! these brownies my mom sent me are amazing. mommy sent me a huge box of cookies/brownies. i've been trying to share them with the floor but no one replies to my whiteboard message!

Today is the 1st day since move in that it hasn't rained! I'm ecstatic!! I even did all of my homework outside today just so I could enjoy the sun.

I need my new flip flops to come. I wore mine out already from walking around. Ouch! I think that's all!! Good luck to those who haven't moved in yet!!



I thought of more stuff to add. I just took the best nap of my life only to be woken up to the voice of my mother yelling at me about having to get downstairs. then i woke and realized mom wasn't around!!

the other thing is...I think I love my chem book. It is funny. or at least I think it is. it uses really funny words and the margins are the perfect size for my post its. so basically only nee2 will appreciate this comment because she knows how strange I am about science books.

Can you believe you just made it through an update from Sammi!! I'm impressed with myself for writing it. I wish you were all around so I could give you a cookie because I have too many!! and I'm in love with pudding cups and fruit roll ups, which are still amazing even though you can't cut out the shapes to make a pizza or something like the good old days of fruit snacks.
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